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The editorial team behind Pet Advisor has made it their business to support pet owners and animal lovers in their search for the right pet supplies. Our editors are experts in various animal species and know what animals need because they themselves have years of experience in animal husbandry.

Maren Kappel

Expert for dogs and cats

Maren is an editor for Pet Advisor and has been an animal lover from an early age. She got her first dog when she was 6 years old and since then four-legged friends and their keeping have been her greatest passion.

She currently shares her home with chocolate brown Labrador Retriever Jupiter, small mongrel Mars and quirky Bengal cat Sahara.

Her many years of experience in keeping dogs and cats make her the ideal dog and cat expert.

Kai Reffler

Expert in aquaristics and terraristics

Kai studied biology and developed a passion for reptiles during his studies. Therefore he is our expert for fish and reptiles.

With him live two water turtles, which go by the names of Master Oogway and Master Viper, and a chameleon named Rango.

With Pet Advisor he shares his knowledge with interested animal lovers and would like to support them with a kind-fair attitude of their favorites.

Charlotte Wangler

 Expert for small animals and birds

Charlotte’s favorites are small animals and birds. So it’s no wonder that she lives with her cockatoo Momo and bearded rabbit Paul.

But caring for two pets is not enough for her. She additionally takes care of stray animals in the animal shelter on a voluntary basis and gives them attention and love.

Her work there inspired her to become more intensively involved in the care and feeding of animals, so that she could really help them. In the meantime, she has turned her hobby into her profession by providing animal lovers with knowledge and tips on animal husbandry at Pet Advisor.

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