The Right Lighting For Your Aquarium

Do you want to buy an aquarium or already have one and are thinking about the right lighting? Then you are in the right place. In this guide, we give you ticks and tricks on how to find the right lighting for your aquarium and what you should look for when buying.

Why Do I Need Lighting For My Aquarium?

It is important that your aquarium is sufficiently illuminated because otherwise, photosynthesis will not take place. Photosynthesis is important because it produces oxygen for your aquarium. This serves, among other things, as a source of food for the plants in the tank.

Without light, your aquarium cannot function.

What You Need Light For In The Aquarium

Light in the aquarium serves on the one hand as a source of food. As already mentioned, the light serves to enable the plants to carry out photosynthesis and filter carbon dioxide from the water. In the same process, oxygen is produced. This is also important for the aquarium, as it can be absorbed as food via a detour.

Your animals in the aquarium also have a biorhythm. To support and order this, it is important that you have a light source in the aquarium. Ideally, your lighting should be on for 9-11 hours.

How Long Should The Lamp In The Aquarium Shine?

Experts advise an illumination of 9 to 12 hours. It is advisable to choose 12 hours of lighting. 12 hours of light – 12 hours of darkness. This way your aquarium animals get the ideal rhythm.

A non-uniform rhythm can become a stress factor for your animals. This could have a negative effect on their health. To prevent this from happening, a timer is recommended. This switches the light on and off automatically every day at the same time. So there is no danger that you forget to turn the light on or off.

What Are The Lighting Options For Aquariums?

You can choose between LED lights, halogen lamps, HQI burners, and fluorescent tubes. The last three produce not only light but also heat. This should be considered before purchasing. LED lamps are more suitable for smaller aquariums because they are not yet so far developed. However, they are harmless and easy to dispose of.

It should also be noted that HQI burners and fluorescent tubes contain mercury. Should these ever break, it is possible that the mercury will get into your aquarium. This is very harmful to the health of your animals.

Which Lighting For Which Water Depth?

Up to 50 cm water column you should choose LED lights and fluorescent tubes. Everything above the 50 cm water column should be illuminated with halogen lamps or HQI burners.

What Color Should The Light Be?

Yellow light is recommended for plants and their growth. Bright white light is very strong and not optimal. Other colors should be clarified with a professional. However, a yellowish light is usually used and recommended.

The Right Use Of Lighting

You don’t need a lot of lights for proper use. What matters is that you use your existing lamps properly. To use your lamps correctly, reflectors and a diffuser are recommended. So you do not need to buy countless lamps, save money and electricity.


First and foremost, moonlight is used as decorative light. However, it can be a great help for anxious and new fish to find their way around. This way the fish can see obstacles and swim around them. Moonlight is much weaker than normal light, but especially at night, it can be a help for some fish.

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