The Bird Feeder – A Shelter For Feathered Animals

With a bird feeder free-living birds are optimally supplied at any time of year.

With a bird feeder you contribute to the food supply of wild birds and can observe them wonderfully.

A Bird House For More Life In The Garden

Watching wild birds in your own garden in a bird feeder is a nice pastime. So that the birds like to come into the garden, you can attract them with good food in a bird feeder. Birds benefit greatly from this extra food supply because there are fewer and fewer insects due to environmental toxins. Since many birds eat insects and can no longer find enough of them, you are contributing to their survival by feeding them in a wooden birdhouse.

What To Consider When Choosing Food?

Depending on the preferred type of food, a distinction is made between soft feeders and grain feeders. Both require additional protein from feeder insects. Soft feeders include blackbirds, robins, starlings, wrens and woodpeckers. These birds are happy to have fresh or dried berries in the birdhouse. They also like to eat insects. However, you should make sure that the birdhouse offers a bird enough size. Otherwise they will not be able to fly to it.

Grains and seeds are on the menu of tits, sparrows and finches. With their beaks they can crack the shells of seeds, so you can also offer unshelled seeds in the bird feeder. Besides seeds, they like to eat oatmeal and buckwheat, but they also like insects. In winter, titmice especially like to take titmouse dumplings named after them, which are easy to hang even if you don’t have room for a birdhouse hanging. These titmouse dumplings are also easy to make yourself.

During the breeding season, you should offer mainly high-protein food and remove high-fat food from the bird feeder for this purpose. The wild birds will also use the food to feed their chicks. They, in turn, can’t tolerate high-fat food yet, but need protein from the bird feeder in particular to grow up healthy.

You can also make bird feed yourself, so you know exactly what the feathered guests eat.

In addition to food, birds also need clean drinking water. For example, with a bird feeder from Dehner, you can offer them fresh water to quench their thirst.

Which Bird Feeder Is The Best?

This question cannot be answered in a blanket way, as the different types of a bird feeder bring different advantages. A bird feeder is suitable for all birds, but you will have to spend more time cleaning it. You should regularly remove food remains and droppings, so that no germs can settle. Perhaps you can also provide some bird sand.

With a bird feeder you have less work, because it always remains hygienic, but it is not suitable for larger birds. They can’t fly to it. A wooden bird house comes in different sizes, so you can offer food to small and large birds. If you do not have a garden, there is also a birdhouse for balcony placement.

With a bird feeder you can do something good for domestic wild birds with little effort and enjoy their sight and song.


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