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Keeping Chickens: With This You Promote The Education Of Your Child

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Chickens are lively animals with strong characters. Learn in this article how children learn social skills by keeping chickens and what other benefits keeping chickens has for children’s education.

Why You Should Keep Chickens Yourself

Chickens can only be kept on the farm? Not quite. You can also keep your own chickens in your home garden.

However, in order to offer the animals a species-appropriate husbandry, you should inform yourself about the correct husbandry as well as nutrition of the animals beforehand.

In addition, the right chicken coop and suitable accessories, such as a chicken house, a chicken coop with run, chicken viary, perches, laying nests and bedding, is important. During the winter months you should also pay attention to a winter-proof chicken coop.

Keeping your own chickens also offers many advantages: fresh eggs, pest control in your own garden, and the production of premium organic fertilizer.

Ideal chickens for beginners and chickens for kids

Why Keeping Chickens Has A Positive Effect On Your Children’s Education

By keeping their own chickens, children are sensitized to the consumption of food. Thus, they are not only confronted with the finished end product from the supermarket, but learn where food actually comes from. This also promotes awareness for the consumption of eggs and meat.

Since chickens also need care and daily feed, you can integrate your child super in the work. Thus, it learns to take responsibility and can actively help.

Can Chickens Be Kept Together With Dogs Or Cats?

The answer is yes! Dogs are particularly suitable for this. Through the typical behavior of territory marking, dogs ensure that other wild animals can not get too close to the chickens.

But cats can also be kept with chickens without any problems. Cats are known for their playful approach to chickens, but this should not be confused with the hunting instinct.

Tip: Whether it’s a cat or a dog, you should acclimate the animals to each other slowly. Both cats or dogs have a hunting instinct by nature, which should not be underestimated. However, this also depends on the breed of the animal.

Conclusion On Keeping Chickens

The keeping of chickens – like any other animal husbandry – should be well thought out. In this article you have learned about the advantages of keeping your own chickens in the garden and why it can be good for the education of your children.

In addition, keeping your own chickens is sustainable. Thus, you do something good and effectively counteract factory farming, so as not to support it. Since meat and eggs are usually healthier when they come from your own farm, you can eat them without hesitation and with care.

All in all: The keeping of chickens has only advantages. However, you should make sure that you have a large garden for a large chicken coop and the necessary time that chickens need for care and feeding.

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