Bach Flower For The Cat: Witchcraft Or Help?

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Tame and calm the cat with a fragrant Bach flower? That sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, many cat owners trust in the effects of the homeopathic remedy. Since the Bach flower can not harm your cat, it may be worth a try for you too.

Bach Flowers: Hocus Pocus Or Useful Homeopathy?

When it comes to Bach flowers, the spirits are divided. Some swear by the calming effects of the homeopathic form of therapy, which goes back to Edward Bach. Others consider the Bach flower ineffective and refer to a pure placebo effect. That is: After taking a certain condition is expected, which occurs solely due to this expectation. Homeopathy and alternative medicine are repeatedly criticized.

Nevertheless, Edward Bach believed that plant flowers could be used to balance negative moods and feelings. He decided on 38 plants that matched and debilitated 38 bad emotional states and states of mind. And since a healthy mind can also make for a healthy body, he trusted the effectiveness of each Bach flower.

For the cat, this form of homeopathy has also long been known. Because when it comes to irritability, anxiety, and an agitated, headstrong mind, the house cat is often at the forefront. No wonder some cat owners cling to any straw that can calm the beloved, four-legged roommate.

Bach Flower For The Cat As A Calming Option?

When a cat is agitated, behavioral, or stressed due to an acute situation, many cat moms and dads do not want to immediately resort to medication. After all, cats are very sensitive by nature and react to the smallest stimuli.

Nevertheless, you would surely be happy if the hostile hissing turned into a sweet purring again, wouldn’t you? In this case, you can resort to Bach flower therapy. The helpful flowers should be beneficial especially in stressful situations, such as changes in the living situation or after meeting other cats.

This Is What Happens To Your Cat When It Gets Bach Flowers

There are studies that reveal that Bach flowers have no medical efficacy. In terms of the scientific component, the question of whether Bach flowers have an effect on the mind or body is therefore clearly negated. So you can also answer the question of what happens to your cat through the Bach flowers. According to studies: Nothing.

However, a placebo effect is possible, which is enhanced by the stimulation of certain happiness hormones. This effect has already been observed with the Bach Flower – whether in cats, dogs, or humans. And when the mood rises, negative feelings such as anxiety and stress are quickly forgotten. Therefore, in the best case, you can assume a good mood in your cat, if it has taken Bach flowers.

Important: Consult With Experts Before Administering

Simply bringing the Bach flower to the cat is still not a good idea. Because: You need the right mixture. Bach flower consultants, nutritionists for animals, or alternative practitioners will put it together for you. You describe the symptoms of your cat and receive a composition tailored to it. On the Bach flower information page, you can already look at some mixtures, which are designed for cats. For example, there are mixtures for stressed, unclean, or aggressive cats, which can also be combined.

Possible Applications Of Bach Flowers For Cats

You can start the experiment with Bach flowers whenever a stress-related change in behavior occurs. If the house cat is nervous before a visit to the vet or aggressive after meeting another cat, the Bach flower could prove itself. Likewise, the Bach flower is suitable for the cat if it:

  • had an accident and is anxious because of it
  • Feels jealousy of another animal
  • is dissatisfied with a situation and shows obvious protest
  • has to get used to new roommates (both humans and animals)
  • has compulsive disorders, for example, increased licking of the paws
  • is excited before an operation
  • has to move and is exposed to a new environment
  • is afraid of the sudden loud noises on New Year’s Eve or during a strong thunderstorm

In addition to conventional medical treatment for some cat diseases, Bach flowers can also help the cat. However, in serious diseases, Bach flowers never replace a visit to the vet!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bach Flowers For Cats

The advantage of Bach flower for the cat is the relaxing effect, which is probably due to the stimulation of happy hormones. Since there are no known side effects, the Bach flower is worth trying in any cat.

A disadvantage is that you should first talk to an expert to get a suitable mixture – spontaneous applications are therefore not possible. In addition, there is no evidence of a physical effect of the Bach Flower for the cat, which goes beyond the happiness hormones.

Feeding To The Cat – But How?

Do you still want to try it and spoil your cat with a Bach flower? Then you should get creative. One way to meet the taste of the cat is to hide the Bach flowers in the food. If it is wet food, you should get Bach flowers in drop form and mix them in. Of course, it may be that the cat notices the change in taste and spurns the food. The danger is even greater with dry food for the cat because here you have to resort to globules of Bach flowers. That these remain in the end as the only “food ingredient” in the bowl, is very likely with picky rodents.

An alternative is to drip the drops directly on the neck of the animal or the paws. In the first case, the Bach flower is absorbed by the cat through the skin, in the second case, the velvet paw will probably lick the tincture immediately. If your cat likes the Bach flower, you can also add it to the drinking water. However, to be on the safe side, provide another bowl without Bach flowers, so that your cat is not thirsty if he does not like the taste. And: Experts claim that in metal bowls the effectiveness can be influenced. Therefore, Bach flowers do not belong in bowls made of this material.

Duration Of Use: At Least Four Weeks Bach Flowers In The Cat

Either way, you need to bring some patience when trying Bach flowers on your cat. Homeopathy is administered as part of a course of treatment, which should last at least four weeks. For some pets, the desired effect is only after six, eight, or twelve weeks. If you notice that your animal is doing better, you can stop the Bach flowers after this period of time and use them again later if necessary. In this case, you already have the right mixture in your medicine cabinet and do not need to seek advice again.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Bach flowers for the cat?

You can order Bach flowers online or in the pharmacy. You can also find Bach flowers in well-stocked drugstores. However, you should consult with an experienced advisor to get the right mixture for your cat.

When can Bach flowers be used for cats?

In principle, Bach flower therapy always works, but it is especially recommended in stressful situations. If the cat is anxious, aggressive, nervous, or exhibits behavioral problems, the Bach flower can defuse the situation.

Are there any contraindications?

No, since the Bach flower does not belong to classical medicine and studies do not prove physical effectiveness, there are no contraindications.

Do I have to go to the vet if the Bach flower does not help the cat?

Unless your cat is stressed due to an understandable situation, you do not need to take him to the vet. This could even increase her anxiety and nervousness! If, on the other hand, your cat is seriously ill or the change in behavior is sudden and incomprehensible to you, you should not rely solely on the Bach flower for the cat. A visit to the vet is indispensable!

Do I have to pay attention to anything if I want to give Bach flowers to the cat?

No, you should only make sure that your cat absorbs the Bach flowers (correctly). If it is globules in dry food, check if these globules have disappeared from the bowl after feeding. If it is dropped in wet food, you have to look that the cat ate it as usual.

My cat does not like Bach flowers. How do I trick her?

If the cat dislikes the flowers, you can give drops directly on the paw, because the cat will usually lick it clean immediately. In this way, it absorbs the Bach flower as if by accident. An alternative is to drip the drops into the neck, which is similar to a spot-on treatment.

How long should I use the therapy with Bach flowers in the cat?

At least four, better six weeks are a usual period of time for the application of Bach flowers in the cat. In some animals, it takes even longer until a noticeable effect is seen. You can repeat the therapy at intervals.


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