A Cat Baby Moves In – You Should Know That

"Finally, the time has come: A new fluffy roommate moves in. The first weeks with the kitten are something very special and exciting. Both human and kitten must first get used to the new situation. For the kitten, the first move into a human household has a crucial meaning. After all, for the kitty it is the first step into independent life far away from mother, siblings and first home. Keep in mind that the new environment is still very strange for the little one and it needs time to discover everything and especially to get used to it. We have therefore put together some tips on how you can make it easier for the kitten to settle in and also inform you about everything you need to know about kittens.

The First Move: When Is The Kitten Old Enough?

Before the twelfth week of life, a kitten should not be separated from its mother and siblings. For the personal development of kitties, time with their mom is indispensable. Researchers from the University of Helsinki found that the sheltered time with the cat family had a positive effect on the kittens’ self-confidence and friendliness. Therefore, it is optimal to get your cat from a breeder or from a household where the cat could spend enough time with its mother and siblings.

Even if the kitty is excited about its new environment, it often misses the farewell from the beloved family difficult. Therefore, do not be impatient if the kitten is still a little shy or sad at first. Put yourself in her shoes and give her enough time to get used to the new family and the new home at her own pace.

It Smells Like Home – This Is How You Make It Easier For The Kitten To Get Used To The New Home

That said, there are of course a few tips and tricks you can use to help your kitty arrive at her new home. By taking scent samples of her family with you, you make it easier for the kitten to get separated from her family. It is best to collect them in a cloth and rub it gently on the animal’s cheeks. This gives the cat baby on the one hand comfort and on the other hand it brings familiarity in the otherwise strange new environment. Because of this, it also helps if the little mini tiger knows your smell before the move. If everything is new at once, it can be quite overwhelming for a kitten. Bring the breeder or the owners a worn piece of clothing from you. This way the kitten can familiarize itself with your smell beforehand.

In addition, you facilitate the acclimation of the young house cat if you surround it with as many familiar things as possible. This can be a blanket from the old home or the usual food and the familiar cat litter brand. Anything that helps your kitten feel a little less like a stranger will make it easier for him to settle in.

Your kitten will not feel completely strange if you take another of his siblings with you. So, if you plan to get two cats, it makes sense to choose two kittens from the same family. The excitement can be relieved not only by a familiar friend, but also by a pheromone diffuser. This is placed in the cat’s nursery and has a stress-relieving effect on the young animal.

So viel Neues: Während der ersten Tage im neuen Heim gibt es für das junge Kätzchen viel zu entdecken.
So much new: During the first days in the new home, there is a lot for the young kitten to discover.

How Long Does The Settling-In Period Last?

Give your cat time to get used to everything. She first wants to assess the new environment and the new people. Show the cat the rooms little by little. If she indicates that she wants to know what is behind a door, you can show her the room. It is important that you do not overload her with too many impressions and new places at the beginning.

In the beginning, most kittens will not let their new owner pick them up. However, over time they will develop familiarity and affection for their new owner. If the baby cat will let you touch her, you can pick her up and carry her into a room she hasn’t seen yet. Then give her time to explore everything. Of course, she doesn’t have to find her way back on her own yet. When she’s had enough poking around, you can pick the kitty up again and take her back to her room.

From Shy To Extroverted – Every Baby Cat Is Different

Just like us humans, there are different characters among cats. While one baby cat is a little explorer and extroverted adventurer, the other young kitten hides the first weeks exclusively shy in a corner. So it’s true: every kitten needs its time to get to know everything, and you should give it that time. Don’t be frustrated if your young kitten is a bit more quiet and still reacts very shyly to you for a longer time.

In no case should you become rough out of disappointment and try to hold or pick up the baby cat against its will. This is counterproductive. It will make the kitten distrustful, make it feel cramped, and take even more time to settle in. Instead, wait for your kitten to approach you. This moment is then all the more beautiful because you know that the young kitty has now gained trust in you.

Sei nicht enttäuscht, wenn dein Katzenjunges sehr schüchtern ist.
Don’t be disappointed if your kitten is very shy.

The Second Cat In The House: This Is How The Cat Reunion Succeeds

    • Get The Cats Used To The Smell Of The New Housemate

Just as you can use smell to get humans and cats used to each other, the same works with cats and cats. So confront your cat with the smell of the kitten beforehand. This way, the new roommate is not a strange intruder for your cat. If the kitten has already moved in with you, you can try to mix the smells of the two kitties. You can do this, for example, by stroking the cats’ fur alternately.

    • Avoid Conflicts

Each cat should be able to have its own favorite room. It is best not to put your baby kitten in the resting territory of your other four-legged friend. Otherwise, he will feel like someone is invading his territory and taking his place. Introduce the cats to each other slowly. At first, they can only sniff each other through a crack in the door.

    • Establish Rules

When the kittens first meet, be sure to be there to make sure the situation is “socialized.” A kitten that has grown up in a happy family should know how to behave towards other kittens and how to understand them.

    • Prevent Feelings Of Jealousy

It is often difficult for a long-established cat to cope when a young, active kitten has a baby. Especially because this is perceived by all as sweet and is accordingly much stroked. Therefore, make sure that you give your cat especially much love and affection in the first weeks with the new roommate. This way you signal to the older cat that she is just as important to you as before and that the young baby cat should not replace her. If you give the older cat enough attention, you counteract her jealousy of the baby cat.

  • Associate The New Roommate With Positive Memories

With a few little tricks, you can positively condition your kitty. For example, you can place both bowls next to each other and introduce a fixed feeding time. This way, the cats will associate the strange smell of the other with something positive: food. And quickly the new smell becomes familiar.

Patience And Understanding Bring You Closer To Your Kitten

So overall, give your new sweet roommate enough time and try not to force closeness. Once the kitty has explored and seen everything, the unfamiliar will become familiar and she will begin to feel comfortable. Instead of being disappointed by her shyness or timidity, be happy about the moments when she approaches you. In addition, you can make the acclimation process easier for your kitten by getting her used to your smell and bringing familiar things or smells from her family to your home.

Always pay attention to what your cat is trying to tell you. She needs some time to herself? Then give it to her. She wants to discover the unknown rooms? Take her there. So that you can interpret the body language and signals of your cat correctly, we explain you here to understand the cat language. As with us humans, communication and understanding are essential in relationships with cats.

Gibst du deinem Katzenbaby genügend Zeit, wird es dich lieb gewinnen.

If you give your kitten enough time, it will grow fond of you[/caption ]

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A Cat Baby Moves In – You Should Know That

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