Tips For Dealing With Tapeworms In The Cat

A tapeworm is a health burden for the cat. High quality food and regular worming will help your cat. Learn what to look for in connection with tapeworms to protect the health of your favorite.

These Tapeworms Can Get The Cat

Tapeworms owe their name to their appearance: The elongated shape resembles a ribbon. They are parasites that hook themselves in the small intestine of the cat. Tapeworms, like all living things, need energy. They obtain this energy from the food pulp present in the cat’s intestine. Although this common approach, different types of tapeworms exist. The most common tapeworms of the cat are

  • Thick-necked tapeworm (cat tapeworm).
  • Pumpkin and cucumber seed tapeworm.

While other tapeworms exist that can select the cat as a host, they are rarely encountered. The tapeworm does not have its own digestive organs, it uses the capabilities of its host for this purpose. The tapeworm feeds through its skin.

How The Tapeworm Enters The Cat

The tapeworm is ingested by the cat – mainly through contact with other cats and with rodents. Since outdoor cats have more such contacts than house-only cats , they are more at risk. Tapeworms infest different animal species in the course of their lives. Rodents and fleas serve as intermediate hosts until the tapeworm is able to infest the cat or meets a cat

The tapeworms reproduce by secreting fully functional parts of their bodies and excreting them in the cat’s feces. There are several thousands of fertilized eggs in the excretions. To prevent your pet from getting a tapeworm, you need to know where infection is possible. Unfortunately, there are many different ways of transmission:

  • Cat flea.
  • Cat flea.
  • Mice and other rodents.

On these intermediate hosts lives a precursor of the adult tapeworm or there are eggs of the tapeworm. If the cat eats the mouse and the mouse is infected with a tapeworm, the tapeworm hooks into the cat and infects it. After about 20 days, the cucumber tapeworm has grown to an enormous length. From flea and the cat’s coat, the tapeworm enters the cat’s digestive tract through grooming. The cat licks its fur and ingests the parasites present there.

Ingestion Of The Tapeworm Through The Cat’s Food

Raw meat can contain worm eggs, which the cat ingests when eating. Since raw meat is the main ingredient in barfeeding, this feeding option results in an increased risk of infestation with tapeworms.

To reduce the risk, you must pay attention to the quality of the meat you feed. Clean all objects that have come into contact with the raw meat immediately after eating or contact. Especially feeding bowls and drinking bowls of the cat should be cleaned regularly. Ready-made cat snacks and ready-made food are generally safe, because they do not contain raw meat and the products are prepared and controlled.

With A Worming Cure You Help Your Cat

A worming treatment contains active substances that kill worms in the digestive tract. However, killing the worms in the digestive tract does not have a preventive effect. The existing parasites are destroyed, but immediately afterwards the new infection is already possible.

According to veterinarians, the tolerance of worming treatments for cats is very good. However, side effects may occur. In such a case you should immediately contact the vet. Likewise, the administration of medication such as a worming cure should always be done only in consultation with a veterinarian. In case of intolerance to a certain active ingredient of the worming treatment, the veterinarian may recommend another preparation. For risks and side effects, the veterinarian and the pharmacist are always the right people to contact.

These Are The Symptoms To Watch Out For In Your Cat

Whether a tapeworm has taken the cat as a host, you can recognize mainly in the feces of the cat, the anus and the fur: If there are excreted members of the tapeworm, then there is an infestation. You can recognize the tapeworm members with the naked eye. Their shape is reminiscent of a grain of rice.

Often an itching is triggered, whereupon the cat slides with its hindquarters over the floor. Whether the cat shows other physical symptoms is different for each animal and for each worm infestation. Healthy adult cats often show few or no physical symptoms. For sick and young cats, an infestation of tapeworms can be dangerous.

Cat Tapeworm: Danger For Humans

The fox tapeworm is not only dangerous for cats but also for humans. Through an infestation with the fox tapeworm, the liver is severely attacked, which can lead to life-threatening consequences. Even for adult humans, the fox tapeworm poses a great danger. For children, other worm species can also become a danger.

Humans become infected through intensive contact with the cat. Infection is possible, for example, by the tapeworms entering the mouth of humans through their hands. You should therefore make sure to wash your hands after petting (especially strange cats).

Although your cat does not have to show any symptoms at first, the tapeworm is still a burden for the cat. The worm feeds on the food of its host. The cat lacks the nutrients taken from it, which can lead to deficiency symptoms. You may observe that your cat loses weight, although it eats enough food. Or the coat may look dull. Possible symptoms of tapeworm in the cat are – but they may not necessarily occur:

  • Bloat.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Listlessness.
  • Signs of deficiency.
  • Dull coat.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Emaciation.
  • Weight loss.

When Tapeworm In The Cat Burdens The Immune System

In the medium and long term, tapeworm stresses the immune system of the cat. It is located in the intestine and disturbs there the intestinal balance and the function of the intestine. Valuable nutrients are withdrawn from the cat, which it needs for the body’s defense. The positive contribution of the intestine to the immune system is significantly weakened. As a result, the cat becomes more susceptible to disease. If the cat has a tapeworm, then the probabilities of occurrence of other diseases increase. The effect of vaccinations may be reduced, because the immune system does not work as usual due to the tapeworm, but there are limitations in this respect.


Is The Tapeworm Dangerous For The Cat

Tapeworms weaken the cat, even if at the beginning there are no visible symptoms. Regular administration of a worming agent should be considered in consultation with the veterinarian.

How Can I Tell That The Cat Has Tapeworms?

When the worm is large enough, it secretes limbs of its body in the feces to reproduce. You will see the rice grain-like limbs in the cat’s feces, at the anus, or on the cat’s fur.

Can I Be infected With Tapeworms In The Cat?

Especially children and sick or old people are at risk of contracting the tapeworm. Infection with the fox tapeworm is particularly dangerous, as it damages the liver.

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