Chew Bone For The Dog: How To Find The Right One For Your Four-legged Friend

The chewing bone is essential for the dog. On the one hand, chewing articles are employment toys, on the other hand, they serve the dental care and train the chewing muscles. Every dog has a natural chewing instinct, which can be satisfied by various chewing articles. Chew bones for dogs are made of different materials. Learn here what the differences are and how you can find a good chew bone for the dog.

Why Are Chew Bones For Dogs So Important?

Dogs need a bone to chew on. Chewing calms them down and keeps them busy. Dogs do the same in nature, chewing the bones of dead animals or biting on branches.
Chews are important for dogs’ dental care. Chewing removes plaque and tartar and improves blood flow to the gums. For dental health, in addition to bones, other products such as the chewing root or chewing toys.
Last but not least, especially the chewing products made of animal skin are also part of the pet food. The dog loves them and you can use them as a reward.

The Most Important Differences In Chewing Bones For Dogs

The Most Important Difference: Edible Or Not

There are chew bones and chew sticks made from feed materials such as dried animal skin and there are indigestible products made from synthetic or natural materials. The indigestible bones are not food, they are chew toys. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

But it is important to know: there is no either or here, because they are completely different products. Bones made of animal skin are welcome treats that keep your dog busy for a long time and take care of his teeth, which is why you should not do without them. You can buy chew toys made of indigestible materials in addition.

In no case chew toys replace the edible bone in everyday life with your dog. Bones made of animal raw materials are rich in nutrients and are also suitable as a healthy reward for in between meals.

Tip: If your dog is very greedy and tends to be overweight, you should give him digestible bones only from time to time. In this case, a non-edible bone is good for dental care. A natural alternative to synthetic chewing products are chewing woods or chewing roots.

Another Difference: Real Animal Bone Or Bone From Animal Skins

Another difference can be seen at first glance. You can give your dog a real bone, for example, a beef bone, or an industrially manufactured product from pet stores made from dried animal skin or rumen.

Real Animal Bones

The real bone belongs to the feed. You should pay attention to the fact that poultry bones are basically not suitable for dogs, because they splinter too much. You can easily buy the real bone at the butcher. There are also cleaned and pasteurized animal bones in specialized pet supply stores.
Whether you should give your dog a bone raw or cooked or baked is a matter of philosophy. Many dog owners avoid raw bones because meat can be contaminated with viruses and bacteria. Others prefer raw bones and pay close attention to hygiene and origin. In any case, your dog likes a bone that has been briefly boiled or heated in the oven just as much.

Chew Bones For The Dog From Animal Skin

Bones made from animal skins are particularly popular with dog owners. These are not real bones, but chew products that look like a bone. The great advantage is that the products are completely dried. You can store them for a long time and they are much more hygienic than real bones, especially in the home. For dental care they are just as good, sometimes even better, because the tough leather skin cleans the teeth especially thoroughly.
Chew bones and chew sticks made of animal skins are available in different sizes and shapes for large and small dogs. There are even special chew bones for puppies. These chew bones for the dog are made of different animal skins, the most popular is beef head skin. Beef head skin is particularly tough and durable. However, skins from other animals are also good for making into chews.
Some manufacturers add some rumen, which has an irresistible smell and taste for dogs. Products with rumen smell a little stronger, but your dog will love them.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Chewing Bones For Dogs

Which Chew Bones Are Suitable For Puppies?

Chew bones are important for puppies. When you lose your baby teeth and the permanent dentition comes through, they need something to chew on. This helps with the pain and makes it easier for them to change teeth. Large chew sticks are not appropriate for puppies. They need special, smaller bars that are not too hard. Suitable are, for example, chew sticks made of buffalo skin, lamb and oxen pizzle and jerky. You can also find special chewing bones for puppies in specialized stores.

How Often Do You Give A Dog A Bone?

How often you should give your dog a bone depends on what kind of chew toy it is. Chew toys that the dog does not eat may always be given to him. This also applies to chewing roots and chewing woods, as they are not digested. However, most chews for the dog are nutritious snacks. Bones and sticks made from animal hides and other parts from the animal are high in calories. You should include them in your total food allowance. One to two small chew sticks per day is quite sufficient. One large bone is enough for several days. If your dog is very greedy, you may even have to deprive him of a large bone in between so that he does not eat it all at once.

What Happens If The Dog Buries The Bone?

If you have a garden, you will surely know the problem. You give your dog a bone or another snack and he runs outside with it to bury it in the garden. Don’t worry, this is not a problem. It’s natural behavior and shows that he’s full and satisfied at the moment. He buries the bone to eat it at a later time. You should just make sure that he doesn’t forget it in the garden for too long (a few days at most). This is because they can mold very quickly in moist soil. Moldy bones should not eat your dog in any case.

Do Chewing Bones For The Dog Have Calories?

Chew bones for the dog have even comparatively many calories. Especially products made of beef skin are very high in calories. A bone of 100 g has a calorie content of 300-350 kcal.

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