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“Day Care”, “Health Care Package I”, “Great Care”…. If you think these terms mean a wellness hotel, you’re not far off the mark. However, it is not people who are pampered here, but dogs. In December 2008, the Canis Resort in Freising near Munich opened its doors and since then has been pampering its day and overnight guests with everything a dog’s heart desires.

Every dog owner will know the somewhat unpleasant feeling that creeps over you when you have to leave your beloved four-legged friend somewhere for care. Those who have then decided on the Canis Resort near Munich Airport will be somewhat reassured as soon as they enter the modern, unpretentious main building.

The reception makes a tidy and organized impression and it smells pleasantly of fresh wood. A few items such as baskets, leashes, and linings are discreetly offered. Right next door is the grooming room, where the four-legged guests are combed, trimmed, bathed, and groomed as desired. Of course, there is a special dog bath with a low entry for this purpose and exclusive grooming products are used.

If one enters the outside area, the nine so-called “Dog-Lodges” – thus the dog accommodations – remind one of the landed Ufos. Each dog lodge consists of a 45-square-meter hut with a small patch of lawn in front of it, which the dogs can enter independently through a flap. All around is a high, inwardly curved fence that is impossible for even the most skilled jumpers to climb. On hot days a sun sail is stretched over the garden, on cold ones the heater inside the hut is switched on.

In order to keep an eye on all the dogs at night, each dog lodge is equipped with a video camera, the images of which are transmitted to the main house.

Zimmer im Canis Resort
Bookable “room” for dogs. © Canis Resort

Each Dog Lodge can be inhabited by up to five small or two large dogs. However, those who wish can of course book a “single room” for their dog. Great importance is attached to the correct composition of the dog groups. If necessary, these are also changed again if the four-legged friends do not get along so well.

How the dogs react to each other is first tested in the outdoor area, where the dogs are allowed to romp around daily during their stay. Here the dogs are also trained if necessary and can splash around in a small pool in the summer.

30 full-time and part-time dog sitters look after the guests day and night. They cuddle, play, and feed the dogs. Special requests are of course taken into consideration. Who would like, can give his favorite the usual food, otherwise, this is provided by the Canis Resort. Also, feed times or tablet entries are taken into consideration. So that nothing gets mixed up, each dog has its own box in the feeding kitchen, in which everything important is stored and noted.

Dog owners who want to combine the pleasant with the user can also book a vet visit for the dog with vaccinations, an all-around check-up, or a blood count.

Some dogs stay only a few hours, others up to two months. However, you can be sure that their stay will be made as pleasant as possible.

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