Sport With Dog: Best Buddies

Anyone who takes their dog to agility training, sometimes several times a week, and even trains in the gym, has little time left for other leisure activities.

After all, the weekend is short and unscheduled hours are scarce in the period from Monday to Friday. So that both dog and master and mistress come to their sports units, a common training plan virtually imposes itself.

Of course, not all sports are compatible with every breed and size, but one or the other idea for both can always be found.

Basically, the same precautions apply to both humans and animals: Sufficient fluids and a balanced healthy diet (not right before the sports session) are the best foundation for well-being and performance.

If you’re lacking ideas for your work-out together, check out our 3 suggestions.

Maybe there is something for you and your companion and you can try it out right away. If you are not sure, just ask your vet.


When swimming, the size and endurance of the dog do not matter. However, not all animals feel a longing for water and paddle off happily.

Many furry noses stop whimpering on the shore when their mistress or master ventures into the water. Some dog breeds have a passion for anything wet from birth, while others never get excited about it.

The only thing that helps is to try it out! Give your dog plenty of time and don’t get too far away from the shore, so that no pressure is built up. If your dog follows you, make sure that he does not overdo it.

A slow start is an optimal basis for your joint swimming career.

Some animals enjoy barking at the waves. This, too, is a good activity to do while you swim your lanes nearby.

Cycling And Skating

These two sports are only for dogs with stamina; after all, we really get into both biking and skating.

A dog that doesn’t safely run alongside and obey your word shouldn’t accompany you on your bike ride or even on rollers. If you have an obedient dog, train carefully in quiet areas.

It is best to push your bike at first and only gradually gets faster. If you can’t judge your dog’s fitness level yet, take a dog trailer for your bike, so you both come home well trained but not completely exhausted.


If your dog likes to run with endurance, you should join him. Running is the sport that requires the least amount of equipment.

Beginners should make sure they have well-cushioned running shoes and dress loosely. Constricting or stiff clothing interferes and prevents a smooth running style.

Depending on your level of obedience, you may not need a leash when running. In contrast to biking or skating, the risk of injury is much lower should your dog want to follow a trail or sit down abruptly while jogging.

Practice with him and give him time to himself before and after the training session. It’s best to check the track before the first time so that you can make sure that the ground is safe for his paws – rolling chippings and other unpleasant bumps could quickly lead to injuries.

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