The Right Dog: Breed Selection And Nutrition

Dogs are loyal, show their love quite directly, and hardly let their humans out of their sight. Some dogs are lively play partners for children, others are quiet companions for seniors. As different as the dogs’ urge to move is, so adapted must be the diet.

Is dry food or wet food right for my dog? Once this initial decision has been made, it is essential to pay attention to the way the food is produced.

Does one set on conventionally with the extrusion procedure produced fodder, which gives it among other things of offerers such as Bosch, Josera, and wolf blood, or on high-quality food from the meat juice cooking?

Which breed is best suited and what should be considered in the diet in principle? The article serves as an orientation.

The Selection Of A Suitable Breed

Dogs are the German’s favorite companions and more and more are coming to the dog. Large or small, lively or calm, white or black? Who wants to acquire a dog, has many questions.

How can a suitable breed be found? Several paths lead to the goal.

  1. Do a quick check
    A quick check to select the right dog breed helps to get an initial overview of the most important characteristics. Our database of dog breeds can be filtered by size, various characteristics, traits or suitability.

Depending on the selection, suitable breeds are displayed. In the quick check, all important aspects are addressed that play a role in the selection of the dog breed. Step by step, future dog owners find out what is particularly important to them in a dog:

  • How big should the dog be?
  • Should the dog be suitable for beginners or experienced?
  • Should the dog need a lot or little exercise?
  • How elaborate should the coat care be?
  • Is the dog allowed to shed?
  • Should the dog be family-friendly, playful or calm?
  • In which FCI group should the dog belong?
  • For example, should it be a herding dog, tracking dog, guard dog, hunting dog or family dog?

The quick check is good preparation and helps with the further steps on the way to the right dog breed.

  1. Read books and breed portraits

Flipping through a comprehensive tome on dog breeds with detailed descriptions and great pictures is another way to find the breed you like best visually and temperamentally. Similarly, browsing dog breed portraits online is also useful for finding a dog breed that particularly appeals.

3. Go to a dog show
A dog show is a great opportunity to see many different dog breeds live. The practical thing is that breeders are on site and can answer specific questions.

There are also various events where dogs are presented: Agility, Obedience, Dog Dancing, breed presentations and much more. In addition, many dog lovers can be found at fairs, who are certainly happy to chat out of the sewing box and share their personal experiences.

The first three places of the most popular dog breeds in 2020/2021 are Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog, and Chihuahua.

Labrador Retriever

They are popular family dogs, intelligent and friendly. Their medium stature and slender body must be kept in top condition for them to live long. This breed is even-tempered, loyal, and an absolute foodie. Owners must pay special attention to a balanced diet!

French Bulldog

The breed profile of the French Bulldog appeals mostly to young people. The cute bat ears, the loyal look, the playful and cheerful nature let him walk straight into the hearts of young dog owners. These should consciously set limits for the fighting cuddler because otherwise, they will soon no longer have their place on the couch to themselves.


The smallest dog in the world takes hearts by storm. He is robust, athletic, and bright. The googly eyes and apple head crown a small, slender body. It’s hard to believe this mini dog has such a big ego!

Dogs From The Circle Of Friends

Whether it’s a Chihuahua, French Bulldog, or Labrador Retriever, one of the ways presented above should help you track down the right breed. In addition, the dog and the owner also find together in other ways.

It is not uncommon for future dog owners to meet a dog in their circle of friends or family whose breed-typical characteristics they particularly like. Also, regular walks with dogs from the shelter can let a friendship with a quadruped germinate.

However, it succeeds to find the right breed, about nutrition should always inform future dog owners in advance.

Adapted Nutrition: This Is What Owners Must Pay Attention To

Wet food or dry food, BARF or vegan? And then there is the question of the production method? There are many different types of food on the market and it is not easy to decide which one to choose.

The fact is that good food does not have to be expensive or in other words: just because food from a certain brand is expensive, it does not necessarily have to be good. A good feed is characterized by its quality, not by its price.

Clarify Basic Question: Dry Or Wet Food?

First of all, owners have to make a decision. Do you feed dry food or wet food? Or should both be on the menu. No matter which type of food is chosen, the quality must be right.

Wet Food Or Dry Food?

Whether wet food, dry food, or even BARF is a question that divides opinions.

While some insist on feeding raw meat (BARF), which is very demanding in terms of the demands placed on the keeper and is risky in terms of germ contamination, others prefer more convenient and balanced alternatives such as feeding dry or wet food.

It is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, not every dog tolerates every type of food. The article “Wet food or dry food – Which is better for the dog” will help.

Not All Dry Food Is The Same

The quality is reflected in the manufacturing process. Cheap food is usually produced by extrusion. At the same time, cheaply produced food does not necessarily sell cheaply. Often, the prices of dry food are far too high for the quality that consumers are buying.

But how can you tell the difference in quality? As a rule of thumb, the more fresh meat on the contents list, the higher the likelihood that it is high-quality feed made from meat juice cooking.

What Is Meat Juice Cooking?

The term “meat juice cooking” refers to a method of preparing dog food in which fresh meat is cooked in its own juices for a long time at a low temperature without the addition of water or broth. This is where the term meat juice cooking comes from.

The gentle preparation, which is based on the preparation of food for humans, preserves the natural meat juice flavor as well as the important ingredients of the fresh meat, so that dry food from meat juice cooking is readily accepted by many dogs.

Further information on healthy dog nutrition is provided in the article “Healthy dog nutrition – extrusion process or meat juice cooking“.

Feed Adapted And Pay Attention To The Weight

Every dog has specific energy needs, and owners should adjust feeding accordingly. The manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging of the food, serve as a guide. However, there are animals that eat significantly more or less than the manufacturer’s specifications

Labrador Retrievers are considered to be real gourmets who are really “greedy” – overweight is imminent! Dog owners should always pay attention to the appetite of the four-legged friend and ensure that he gets the optimal amount, neither too much nor too little.

In case of doubt, it helps to talk to the vet, who will determine a healthy feeding plan and adjust it until it is perfectly suited to the dog.

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