Parasites In Pets: Quick Help For Dogs, Cats, And Birds

Germany is one of the largest sales markets for pet supplies in the whole of Europe. This is hardly surprising when one looks at the number of pets in the Federal Republic. More than 37 million pets live in Germany.

For all the joy that animals bring to life, there must be no shortage of care. All pets run the risk of being attacked by parasites one day.

In case of an infestation, the quick help of the mistress and/or master is required. How best to act, reveals this guide.

Recognizing Parasites

Most invaders are tiny. Parasites are often difficult to see with the naked eye. Even a new pair of glasses from the Internet won’t help.

To detect an infestation, observe the animal’s daily behavior. If the animal behaves conspicuously, this can be a sign of a parasite infestation. This also applies to an altered diet in cats or dogs.

For a pet, an infestation always means stress. Even before it comes to health restrictions, it behaves differently. It is often observed in dogs or cats that they scratch or bite themselves more often.

Superficial skin lesions are a possible indication of an infestation. In birds, reduced daytime activity or poorly maintained feathers indicate parasites.

In every animal, an infestation manifests itself in one way or another. This makes behavioral observation all the more important. This is the only way to detect a possible infestation in time.

Annoying Bloodsuckers

Parasite infestations in dogs and cats are often caused by fleas. The tiny intruders are barely visible to the naked eye. They are even less noticeable in the pet’s fur. Fleas constantly bite the pet and suck blood.

This triggers an unpleasant itching in animals that lasts for days. The right behavior in case of fleas in dogs and cats is important to get rid of the annoying parasites.
Fleas are a serious danger for pets

The parasites can transmit diseases. They serve as intermediate hosts and can transmit tapeworms, viruses, or bacteria, for example. Prophylactic treatment against worms, ticks, and fleas prevents infestation.

Parasites In Birds

The health of domesticated birds can quickly be negatively affected by an infestation of parasites. With a steady population of birds, parasite infestation is rare. Usually, the invader is introduced by new birds in the group.

There are numerous parasites that infest birds. Each species of bird is at different risk of infestation. Mites nest in the plumage of the birds. Because they are often nocturnal, the bird’s behavior during the day may be quite normal. Some birds live with mites for years without developing the disease.

However, worms, mites, and lice can cause allergies and skin lesions. At the slightest suspicion, treat the animal with preparations from the pharmacy.

In Doubt To The Veterinary Surgeon

If behavioral changes can be observed in the pet, the coat or plumage should first be examined for possible intruders. In case of unclear signs and the persistent occurrence of behavioral changes, a veterinarian should be consulted in any case.

The veterinarian can assess the changes with a high degree of certainty and will examine the animal for an infestation. Depending on the nature and extent of the diagnosis, the veterinarian will establish a treatment plan.

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