How To Housebreak My Dog?

Right at the beginning: They all learn it! One faster, the other less quickly. Don’t get mad if you hear that your neighbor’s dog is housebroken within three days. Such miracles exist, but they are rare.

Puppies can’t control their bladder and bowels until they are about 12 weeks old. However, they can start housetraining naturally as soon as they have the little one home.

How Often Does A Puppy Need To Go Outside?

Initially, you should keep a rhythm of about two to three hours. In any case, the puppy should be taken out after sleeping and eating. This should really only be to do the business, longer walks are not necessary at this age.
Unfortunately, in the beginning it may be necessary to go out at night. Normally, this will disappear after two or three weeks, when the dog has become accustomed to the day-night rhythm. It is best to set an alarm clock, because the dog cannot be expected to call at this tender age.

Where To Go?

If you have a garden, this is of course the most convenient way. However, think about whether the dog is allowed to get loose in the garden later. If not, then you should avoid this from the beginning.
Ideal is a quiet piece of meadow, where as few passers-by, traffic or other exciting things are to be seen. All this only distracts the little dog and he forgets from excitement that he actually has to. In time, the dog will associate the place with loosening and do it there specifically. However, if the puppy feels visibly uncomfortable on the piece of grass that you have chosen, you should try it in another place. Perhaps another dog has marked its territory at the original spot, there is some noise that irritates the puppy or it does not like the surface.
Feel free to carry the dog all the way to the release site. Many puppies are still very afraid of the unfamiliar environment and do not want to leave their safe nest. This is quite normal and will give itself with the time. By the way, if you have the dog in your arms, this can also prevent the dog from puddling inside just before you leave the house.
If the dog then gets loose outside, he should be rewarded. A particularly beloved treat is just right now. Lots of praise and bursts of joy on your part are also great for many dogs. You should be careful, however, whether your dog really takes this as a reward. Some puppies are still so tense outside that a sudden shriek from their own master is more likely to cause irritation.

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What If The Dog Does Inside?

Most puppies leave a mess or two behind. Simply remove this without comment and treat the stain with odor-eliminating cleaning products. Please never yell at the dog or even dip his nose in his business. The dog cannot link his action and that of the human.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Needs To Pee?

At first it is often hard to tell, many puppies just let it go. Over time, however, you may recognize that your dog is giving slight signals. Some will turn in circles, sniff intensely at one spot, look at you in a prompting way, whine softly, or even sit in front of the door. But it can take time for such rituals to become ingrained. And there are dogs that send such weak signals that they are simply not recognizable to humans.

What Are The Tools For Housetraining?

One way to teach housetraining at night is to get the dog used to a dog crate and close it at night. For this, the puppy must be accustomed to the crate slowly, so it is not a method for the first night. If your dog comes from a breeder, you can ask before you pick it up if the breeder might already be using crates.
Otherwise, there are also puppy litter boxes that work similarly to cat litter boxes. However, they are not lined with litter, but with an absorbent pad. If possible, they should be placed near the front door or on the terrace, so that the puppy does not get used to making it into the apartment. Especially for people who live on upper floors and can not get out the door so quickly, but such a puppy toilet can make sense in the first few weeks.
In the trade there are also so-called urine-off sprays. These can be sprayed in places where the dog should not come loose under any circumstances. Many puppies get used to a preferred place relatively quickly. If this then also still smells of them, they want to make there again and again. The spray neutralizes the existing urine smell.

My Puppy Is Simply Not House trained

If it doesn’t work at all, even though you go out regularly, you should take your dog to the vet. Sometimes bladder infections or organic causes are behind it, if a dog does not want to become housebroken even after months.

If your dog relapses, i.e. he was already completely or almost house-trained and suddenly goes back into the house, it makes sense to start the house-training all over again. A small consolation is that it usually goes faster than the first time.

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