Charlotte Wangler

Charlotte Wangler
Date of birth:
2 November 1983
  • Cockatoo "Momo"
  • Bearded Rabbit "Paul"
  • sew
  • Commitment to animal welfare
  • Play piano
  • Listen to music

What makes you an expert in small animals & birds?

For my voluntary work in the shelter I need the necessary expertise to be able to help the animals properly. It is close to my heart that rabbits, cockatoos, but also dogs and cats are kept healthy and happy. That's why I made it my profession a few years ago to provide pet owners with the tips they need.

What is your favorite thing to do with your pets?

Der schönstThe most beautiful sight is of course when "Momo" flies through the apartment. Together we love to play with one of her parrot toys. At the moment, a tower of wooden blocks for gnawing is her favorite.e Anblick ist natürlich, wenn "Momo" durch die Wohnung fliegt. Gemeinsam spielen wir am liebsten mit einem ihrer Papageienspielzeuge. Momentan ist ein Turm aus Holzklötzen zum Nagen ihr Favorit.

Expert for small animals & birds

Charlotte Wangler

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