Kai Reffler

Kai Reffler
Date of birth:
10 August 1976
  • The Chameleon "Rango"
  • The two water turtles "Master Oogway" and "Master Viper"
  • Terraristics
  • Family outings
  • Cycling
  • Blogging

What makes you an expert in aquaristics & terraristics?

During my biology studies I was very interested in animals and their way of life. Reptiles are such unique and fascinating living creatures, so I made them my speciality. In the context of terraristics, I then also dealt extensively with the "underwater world in the living room".

After my biology studies, I wanted to share my expertise with others because, especially with reptiles, it is very easy to make mistakes when keeping them correctly. That's why I made blogging my profession.

What is your favourite activity with your pets?

I am always on the lookout for new equipment for the terrarium. It's exciting to see how the chameleon reacts to the new drinking fountain.

I love watching the turtles swim. My dream is to go swimming in the sea with turtles myself one day.

Expert for Aquaristics & Terraristics