Maren Kappel

Maren Kappel
Date of birth:
17. Mai 1990
Freiburg im Breisgrau
  • the playful mixed breed "Mars"
  • the chocolate brown Labrador Retriever "Jupiter"
  • the headstrong Bengal cat "Sahara"
  • Go jogging
  • Poring over dog and cat literature
  • Picnic with friends
  • Play Frisbee

What makes you an expert on dogs and cats?

When I got my first Bernese Mountain Dog at the age of 6, I dedicated my life to animals. I began to read specialist literature and to take an interest in husbandry, breeds and animal welfare. That's how I made the best discovery of my life: cats and dogs don't have to hate each other, they can become really good friends. I wanted to get rid of this prejudice and that's how I started blogging. In the meantime, I benefit from ten years of experience as an advisor for life with dogs and/or cats.

What is your favourite activity with your animals?

I follow the lead of my little house cat and the dogs: They love to romp through the forest. Whether it's snow, flowers or falling leaves, there's always something new for the curious animals to discover in nature.

Expert for dogs & cats