Bearded Dragon

30 – 60 cm
0,25 – 0,5 kg
8 – 10 years
brown, yellow, gray, red
Suitable as:
FCI groups:
!-fci groups-!
Live food
High maintenance


Bearded Dragon Data

Names Bearded dragon, Pogona (lat.)

Length: 30 to 60 cm longAge
: up to 10 years

: 25 to 30 degreesPrice
: depending on size, origin and age about 30 to 150 €

Bearded Dragon – Popular Lizard

The bearded dragon originates from Australia and is divided into eight subspecies. Most species live in steppe landscapes with trees and bushes. The natural population is secure, so you do not need official papers to keep bearded dragons.

For some years bearded dragons have become popular pets. Here mostly the subspecies Pogona vitticeps is kept. They are also good for terrarium beginners to keep, because they are relatively undemanding.

The basic color of the bearded dragons is gray-brown, but meanwhile there are also more striking colors. The bearded dragons owe their name to their large throat pouch, which resembles a beard and which they can inflate for defense. They have small spines on their head and flanks.

Bearded dragons are solitary animals in nature. Therefore, under no circumstances should two males be kept together in the terrarium. The socialization of two females or a pair often works well. However, a bearded dragon does not necessarily need a conspecific.

Nutrition Of The Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are quite frugal eaters, they actually like pretty much all commercially available food insects. Crickets, crickets, mealworms, zophobas and wax moths. In summer you can also collect insects from the wild from untreated and clean meadows or your own garden.

Periodically, you should dust the food animals with a special vitamin powder.

In addition to the meaty diet, bearded dragons should also receive some vegetables and fruit daily. For example, carrots, zucchinis, endive lettuce and arugula are well suited. Suitable fruits are bananas, apricots, pears and strawberries. However, please feed fruit only in small portions so that the bearded dragons do not consume too much fructose.

To support the calcium balance of the animals, you can put cuttlebone in the terrarium.

Terrarium Of The Bearded Dragon

A terrarium for one or two bearded dragons should be about 1.50 m x 1.00 m x 0.75 m (LBH).

The best substrate is terrarium sand. It should be filled in about 15 cm high, so that the bearded dragons can dig a little.

The interior should consist of some sturdy branches for climbing and some hiding places, for example roots or clay tubes. You can also put plants in the terrarium, but the bearded dragons do not like it too densely overgrown.

Bearded dragons need different temperature zones in the terrarium. The basic temperature should be around 30 degrees. For this purpose you should place a heat lamp above a resting place (for example a stone), which may bring it up to 50 degrees. At night it can cool down to 23 degrees.

For basic lighting is well suited a HQI spotlight or even one of the newer T5 lamps. It is also essential to install a UV lamp, as the bearded dragons need the UV light to produce vitamin B3.

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