Siamese Cat

Bright blue eyes and a friendly nature: The Thai cat is known

25 cm
3 – 5 kg
Siamese (today’s Thailand)
Ice color, cream color, ivory color, marbled
15 years
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Child friendly
Dog friendly

Breed Description

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest domestic cats bred for a specific appearance. Distinctive for the Siamese cat are its bright blue eyes.

Origin And Breed History

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest cat breeds. As its name suggests, it originates from Siam, today’s Thailand. There, the first reference to the cats goes back to the 14th century. They were kept as pets even then. Southeast Asian temples and noble houses were their home. The Siamese cat was also attributed spiritual powers. In Buddhism, it is believed that the soul of a royal deceased passes to the Siamese cat and thus can continue to live in the temple.

Traveling Englishmen brought the Siamese cat to Europe. But unfortunately it died because of the climate changes, or because of wrong attitude. For a long time the trade with the Siamese was forbidden. The first cats then came to England and the USA in the 1870s. However, the animals did not survive long there.

After the first Siamese cats were bred in England in 1884, they became more and more popular in Europe and have been considered noble cats ever since.

The breed was split in the 1960s and 70s into the “modern Siamese” and the “traditional Siamese”. The optics plays a large role particularly with the “modern Siamese”. Here the bodies were bred more and more slender, the legs became longer and the head more pointed. In the meantime, however, one has come away from the strong extreme breeding, which puts only the external breed characteristics in the foreground.

Appearance Of The Siamese Cat

Most people associate the Siamese cat with its bright blue eyes. Striking for the shorthaired cat its is slender, muscular body and its characteristic coat pattern. The typical appearance is actually based on a genetic mutation, the so-called partial albinism. This is a light body coat with distinct darker areas on the face, legs, ears and tail. The darker areas are also known as “points”. Today, Siamese cats come in more than 100 color varieties. However, the most common are Seal-Point, Blue-Point, Chocolate-Point and Lilac-Point.

The most distinctive features are their blue eyes and the coloring of their fur, where the so-called points are especially noticeable. A dark face and dark paws with a light body also give her a very noble appearance.

By the way, the Siamese owes its unmistakable blue eyes to a lack of melanin, which is responsible for the pigmentation.

Character And Nature

The Siamese cat is so popular mainly because of its people-oriented, friendly and playful behavior. Do you like to spend a lot of time with your pet? Then the Siamese is the right cat for you! Because she likes to be close to people with whom she can build a bond. Ideal for a family cat. However, a Siamese cat is not only in need of cuddling. In it hides a real bundle of energy, which you can always keep busy with the right cat toys.

Attitude And Nutrition

Of course, like any other cat, the Siamese has an urge to explore nature. However, this is not as extremely pronounced as in other conspecifics. Accordingly, the shorthaired cat likes to stay in its familiar environment. Because of their exceptionally strong bond with people, they are also called “dogs among pedigree cats”. You can easily teach them tricks, or even get them used to walking on a leash.

As far as nutrition is concerned, Siamese cats are not very demanding. Basically, you can always do her some good with fresh, raw meat like beef or poultry.

However, you should make sure that you offer your cat a balanced diet, because the life expectancy of your darling also depends on it.

In principle, the diet of the Siamese cat does not differ from the diet of other cats. So you have the choice between wet food or dry food, prepared by yourself or already bought. The dry food has among other things the advantage that it does not spoil so quickly if it is not eaten completely. However, since cats are known not to be the biggest water drinkers, you have to make sure that she nevertheless takes enough water.

A problem in already finished pet food is the ingredients. Not always, but often especially cheap products consist of fillers and only little meat. Some of the meat may also be in the form of slaughterhouse waste. In addition, you often find flavor enhancers or preservatives.

If you want to do something good for your cat, then pay attention to the ingredients of the food. A high meat content should be present. Sugar and other additives should be avoided.

If you are wondering how much food your cat needs, you can use this as a guideline: A Siamese cat weighing about four kilograms needs about 60 grams of dry food or 200 grams of canned food. The big difference in quantity comes from the fact that canned food contains more water. Moreover, treats should not be exaggerated, even if it is sometimes difficult. Because by feeding in between, your cat may tend to be overweight.

Education And Care

The education of the Siamese cat is relatively unproblematic, because it is intelligent, curious and capable of learning. However, it also has a mind of its own. If you are consistent in the education, she will not dance on your nose.

If you have bought your cat from a breeder who has put emphasis on a socialized upbringing, the acclimatization to the new home should not cause any further trouble.

Also the fur care is not very complex. The short coat only needs to be brushed to remove loose hairs. Since Siamese cats have almost no undercoat, they do not feel comfortable in wet and cold environments. So make sure you always dry them well after a walk outside.

Health And Typical Diseases

Unfortunately, due to severe inbreeding, some cats of this breed may have immune deficiencies, sickliness, or a shortened life expectancy. Other hereditary diseases are anemia, heart disease or eye disease. Especially the eye disease PRA is quite common, which can even lead to blindness.

In addition, there are also hereditary diseases that can cause problems for your pet. These include the diseases that affect the cardiovascular system of the cat. So they can suffer increasingly from endocardial fibroelastosis, an enormous thickening of the heart wall. This can even lead to heart failure. In addition, there is persistent ductus arteriosus. This refers to a failure to close the fetal short circuit connection between the aorta and the pulmonary vascular trunk. Weakness or heart failure can also be the result.

Increasingly occurring diseases include metabolic diseases (isovalerian aciduria), as well as hereditary spreader diseases. Breed typical cancer diseases like mammary tumors or adenocarciomas can also occur.

Siamese cats suffer more often than other cats from the pica syndrome, a behavioral disorder. Here the cat tends especially often to eat indigestible materials or at least gnaw on them. What does not sound particularly bad at first, can have drastic consequences. Constipation or complaints of the digestive tract are the effects.

Of course, these diseases do not occur in every cat.

If you notice anything wrong with your cat, a visit to the vet is always advisable.

Life Expectancy Of The Siamese Cat

The life expectancy of the Siamese cat depends, as with all other animals, on some factors. Important here is whether there have already been previous diseases in the pedigree. In addition, the diet also plays an enormous role, as well as the general living conditions.

Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances can also lead to your cat possibly getting sick. However, this can only be influenced to a limited extent. The only thing you can do is to take care of your pet’s health. Make sure your cat’s diet is balanced and healthy, visit your vet regularly, and just go with your gut.

If you notice something about your cat, be it eating habits or behavioral changes, you can or should always seek advice from your veterinarian. Because he can recognize possible illnesses early enough, and counteract this by appropriate treatment.

It is better to go to the vet once too often, than once too little. After all, we all want our little darling to be well.

A Siamese cat that is healthy can live up to 15 years.

Buy Siamese Cat Breed

If you have decided to get a little bundle of energy, you have the choice between a breeder or the shelter. At the breeder, you should make sure that the animals grow up in a good environment with close ties to the human family. Here you can also take a look at the pedigree to exclude possible hereditary diseases. As always, the costs can vary greatly, but you should expect about 600 euros.

You can also look around the shelter to find a better home for your future pet.

Decision Support

Siamese cats are extremely social, people-oriented animals. If you are looking for a cat that you can spend a lot of time with, the Siamese cat is the right one. It is not called the “dog among pedigree cats” for nothing because of its close bond to humans.

She also has a high intelligence and willingness to learn. She likes to interact with people and with a little patience, the Siamese cat also learns one or the other trick.

FAQ About The Siamese

How Much Does A Siamese Cat Cost?

When purchasing a siamese cat, costs of at least 500 euros can be expected.

How Much Does A Siamese Cat Weigh?

Siamese cats usually weigh between 3 and 5 kg.

Where Does The Siamese Come From?

As their name suggests, Siamese cats come from Southeast Asian Siam, which is now called Thailand.

How Much Does A Siamese Cat Cost?

When bought from a reputable breeder, a siames cat costs at least 500 euros.

How Old Does A Siamese Cat Get?

A siamese cat from reputable breeder can live to be over 15 years old.


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