How we work is a magazine with comprehensive blog section. We provide our readers with informative content on the subject pets in general. Our specialist editorial team conducts extensive research on the respective topics in advance. The results of the research are condensed into articles and advisory texts.

Another area is the product guide. Here we present various products to our readers in articles. Our product presentations are divided into product tests and product guides, in which we compare products with each other for our readers. Sometimes we test different products intensively and write our own product tests.

These are the 3 formats of our work:

Magazine article

Insightful blog articles on a wide range of topics
Extensive research on the respective topic by our specialist editorial team

Product test

Intensive testing of a specific product by our specialist editorial team
Evaluation of the product in terms of quality, workmanship and user-friendliness
Preparation of test results in descriptive product tests

Product guide

Research on requirements for a specific product group
Selection of suitable Amazon products according to certain selection criteria
Preparation of research results in product guides

Process of creating a product test


Research on general product requirements


Test of different products in terms of quality and user-friendliness


Summarizing the results in articles

This is what product testing looks like for us:

In a product test, we take a close look at a specific product. In this example, we test box spring beds. We test not only the speed of assembly, but also the quality in terms of comfort. We also check the workmanship and quality of the product.

Process of creating a product guide

However, due to the large number of products, it is not always possible for us to carry out our own product tests. Therefore, our product guides are a second area of product presentation. Here we compare different products of a certain topic. In the compilation of the products, we rely on the ratings, descriptions and reviews from Amazon and compile the bestsellers.


Research on general product requirements


Summarizing the results in guide texts and checklists


Integration of matching products based on Amazon best sellers

Selection criteria for the respective products

We only want to present our readers with products that convince them and with which they are satisfied in the long term. Therefore, we have compiled selection criteria according to which we choose the products that we present in our product guides. Since we do not test the products in this section ourselves, we rely here on the information from Amazon, customer reviews and product tests from external test institutes.

Sales figures

Strong-selling products testify to high popularity with customers

Customer reviews

Every product should meet the expectations of customers. Customer reviews are an assessment from the customer’s point of view and are therefore very informative.


We would like to present our customers affordable products with a good price-performance ratio.

Product data

Based on the descriptions, we select certain products based on their characteristics such as size, scope of delivery, weight and so on.


Tastes are different, so we would like to present our readers with as diverse a range of products with different designs as possible.


The processing and quality differ from product to product and check, for example, the choice of the right material.

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