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The editorial team of Wonder Pets consists of authors whose greatest passion is animals and their welfare.

They share their knowledge of a wide range of pet topics with you in our magazine. They also give you exciting recommendations when you are looking for the right products.

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Our Authors

Lucy Ahmed

Rodent & bird expert

Lucy cares deeply for rodents and birds. She tends to her own garden aviary, nurturing feathered companions. Lucy shares essential tips for creating cozy spaces for your small pets.

Corey Preston

Rodent & bird expert

Corey loves all things avian. Beyond writing, he enjoys bird-watching on hikes, offering insights into their natural behaviors. Corey’s knowledge and enthusiasm enhance your understanding of feathered friends.

Sofia Cameron

Dog & cat expert

Sofia’s heart belongs to dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. When not writing, she’s at the dog park, bonding with her furry friend. Sofia’s warm style and expert advice make your dog’s tail wag with delight.

Keira Patterson

Dog & cat expert

Keira’s love for cats and dogs shines through in her writing. She enjoys cozy moments with her feline companions. Keira’s insights and product recommendations will pamper your kitties and keep them purring.

Alisha Randall

horse expert

A lifelong love for horses drives Alisha’s expertise in equine health. Valuable guidance for your four-legged friends awaits. Alisha invites you to explore horse care and stable management.

Samuel Watson

horse expert

Samuel’s deep connection with horses and remarkable expertise extend beyond writing. He focuses on horse training, behavior, and product recommendations.

Ellie Davis

fish & reptile expert

Ellie’s fascination with aquatic life extends to her stunning aquariums. Dive into her blog to explore the world of fishkeeping. Ellie offers guidance on selecting tank mates and mastering water chemistry.

James Haynes

fish & reptile expert

James excels in crafting miniature ecosystems, focusing on terrariums and reptiles. When not writing, he observes animals in their natural habitats. Join James in creating captivating microcosms and caring for your scaly friends.

These are the 3 formats of our work

Magazine articles

Insightful blog articles on a wide range of topics
Extensive research on the respective topic by our editorial team
Clear presentation of the content for our readers

Product tests

Intensive testing of a specific product by our editorial team
Evaluation of the product in terms of quality, workmanship and user-friendliness
Preparation of test results in descriptive product tests

Product guide

Research on requirements for a specific product group
Selection of suitable Amazon products according to certain selection criteria
Preparation of research results in product guides

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