Teddy Dwarf

PROFILE Size:20-40 cm Weight:1-1,5 kg Origin:Germany Lifespan:6-8 years Color:brown-white, ... read more

reading time: 4 minutes calls 1822

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The Hamster

Size:5-30 cm Weight:0.015-0.15 kg Origin:Syria Lifespan:2-3 years Suitable as:!-suitable-as-! ... read more
reading time: 9 minutes calls 2958


Größe:12-46 cm Gewicht:0,04-0,23 kg Herkunft:Südostasien Lebensdauer:1,5 - 3 Jahre ... read more
reading time: 6 minutes calls 4385


Size:20-25 cm Weight:0.08-0.13 kg Origin:North America Lifespan:2-3 years Suitable ... read more
reading time: 7 minutes calls 4092

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