Aquarium Decoration For A Fascinating Underwater World

If you want to redesign and decorate your aquarium, you can follow the current trends or simply choose the aquarium decoration according to your taste.

Lighting, stones in the aquarium, suitable plants and high-quality aquarium accessories are essential. A special highlight is not least the aquarium back wall. With these tricks your aquarium decoration becomes a maritime eye-catcher:

Aquarium Back Wall, Rocks, Roots And Accessories – Create A Wonderful Underwater World

Aquarium decoration should not only convince visually, but rather it serves as a hiding place for the animal inhabitants.

In addition, you can hide aquarium accessories, such as technical equipment, very well behind or under the aquarium decoration in your Dehner aquarium.

Aquarium plants as well as one or the other aquarium root are also part of a beautiful, species-appropriate equipment. The plants produce valuable oxygen, which is essential for the fish.

They remove excess nutrients from the water, which usually enter the water through the fish food. Algae formation is often the result if too many nutrients are added to the water from outside – or if the lighting of the tank is too bright or too intense.

When selecting plants, it is important to match them to the temperature and hardness of the water. Of course, they should also be suitable for the fish.

You can certainly use artificial water plants. These are usually made of plastic or silk. The choice is wide, but natural aquatic plants are far more beneficial for the aquarium inhabitants.

The special thing is, they absorb substances such as phosphate, nitrite or ammonia and thus support the work of the aquarium filter. They absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and thus keep the ecological balance in equilibrium.

For a more intensive effect, you should place the plants in groups and not individually in the aquarium. You can cover about 40 percent of the aquarium surface with the plants.

Depending on the height of growth and the height of the tank, you can place them in the front or in the background. If you weight them down with pebbles, they will remain firmly anchored and will not come loose.

: The higher the quality of the plants in the Dehner aquarium, the better the water values.

In addition to the plants, the aquarium back wall should not be missing. In addition, it has a significant effect on the overall impression of the tank. In addition, you can hide unsightly light tubes, cables or wires behind the aquarium back wall.

How To Design The Aquarium Decoration

Make sure that the aquarium is clean and dry inside and out. First lay out the heavier elements, such as stones in the aquarium, an aquarium root and woody plants.

If possible, do not position the larger and heavier items too close to the glass to avoid scratches or other damage. Pour the gravel and distribute it as evenly as possible in the interior.

In general, you should wash all parts as thoroughly as possible before placing them in order to avoid possible contamination of the water by sand, lime or even paint residues.

In your aquarium you can use both classic decoration formats – or you follow the current trend: the so-called aquascaping

This is a very multifaceted technique in the field of aquaristics, in which the “aquarists” have one main goal: To imitate landscapes of various kinds with selected aquarium accessories as detailed as possible.

You can choose different landscape patterns, such as the Everglades in Florida or the jungle in the Amazon. Here you can let your creativity run wild to your heart’s content

Design your Dehner aquarium individually and according to your wishes. It’s fun and will also do the fish in your aquarium a world of good and literally open the door to a fascinating new world of life for them. How will you conceptualize the aquarium decoration?

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